Setting up Broker Accounts

With the Broker setting you can setup storefronts that do not show your company identity. This could allow you to offer to set up B2B portals for print work you do for the brokers (Distributors, Reseller's) customer without the buyer knowing it is you who is fulfilling the orders. Although you cannot assign a broker to a B2C site, you can set up a separate B2C site for your broker customer and use their branding for the site options. In both scenarios you are the one who is getting and fulfilling the orders.

You will find throughout the admin setup several areas that allow you to override information that normally comes from your company information (name, email, payment methods, etc.) and is replaced with the Brokers information.

To access the Broker setup area, Go to: Admin > Preferences > Brokers

Creating a Broker Account

To add a new Broker, select the “Add New” link. To edit the information for a broker, click the pencil icon beside the broker name. Unlike a lot of other areas of the Pressero admin, once a broker account is deleted you can not view deleted brokers and reactivate them.

Brokerage Name - Enter the name of the Broker. This name will appear instead of your company name in the website and email notifications.

Brokerage Email - Enter the email address of the broker.

Notes - The notes area is not being used at this time.

Brokerage Logo - This area will display the logo you upload for the broker

Upload New Logo - Use this upload area to upload a logo for the Brokers business. It will be used on the website and on email notifications instead of your company logo.

Title, Business Name, First Name, Last Name are not used.

Address information will be used on the email notification

Assigning a Broker to a Storefront

Go To: Admin > Sites > Your Site > Settings > General Info tab

Choose the Broker Name from the drop down menu in the "Branding" section.

If you setup a Site for a Broker, you will want to customize the contact information area in the various email messages used by the Site. See Sites > Email Notifications > Select Message > Customize. The ability to customize email notifications is an advanced feature included with the Professional and Enterprise packages of Pressero.

If you want the broker to receive email notification on the site, create a group for the broker and add it to "who receives this notification" when customizing the email.

Another area you may also want to change is the Sender Display Name and Sender Display Email in Site > Settings > Email Notifications so that the email looks like it is coming from the broker rather than you.

If you would like the store to take credit cards for payment you can create another payment method using the brokers payment provider account information so that the payment gets credited to the broker and you can then bill them for the agreed upon price that doesn't include the markup the broker is charging in the stores they are assigned to.

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