Save for Later and Open Cart Reminder Emails

Saved for Later and Open Cart reminder emails are very similar. They both are sent out for two different scenarios but their functionality and manipulation exists in the same place in Pressero. 

With this functionality you can send your customers reminders that they have items Saved for Later or if they have items waiting in their cart. This will help in generating sales.

How to Enable Saved for Later and Open Cart Reminder Emails

  1. Go into the settings of any Pressero site.
  2. Open the Email Notifications tab
  3. Check the box "Open cart reminder" to enable Open Cart Reminder emails.
  4. Check the box "Items saved for later reminder" to enable Saved For Later reminder emails.
How to customize the reminder emails
  1. Go to any Pressero site
  2. Click on "Email Notifications"
  3. You will see the Saved for Later Reminder and Open Cart Reminder templates listed.
  4. Click the eye icon to view either template.
  5. Click the "Customize This Message" button to customize the template.
For more information on customizing emails please see this article.

Save for Later and Open Cart Reminder Email Details

  • Both email types are sent out every other day.
  • If a saved for later or cart item sits for more than 7 days the email reminders begin.
  • The Save for Later and Open Cart reminder templates within the email notifications area will be used for these emails.
  • If the storefront user does not have an email in their profile we do not send out notifications. This will happen with guest users.