Deleting Orders

This allows subscribers to remove orders from the system. When an order is deleted it will not show on the storefront, its inventory usage will be removed and its budget usage will be removed.
The order will still show in the Pressero orders list with minimal information. 
To show all deleted orders check the "Include Deleted" checkbox.
The refresh button will need to be clicked after checking "Include Deleted" for any deleted orders to show.
Deleted orders will be shown in red text with a line through.
Once orders are deleted they can no longer be edited or un-deleted.
But, you can view the deleted order by clicking the eye icon.
Within deleted orders you can view the following:
  • Details about the order.
  • Status changes that happened with the order.
  • Vendor assignment.
  • Files associated with the order. 
  • Reports associated with the order.
How to delete an order
Begin by editing an order. (edit button) Then go to the Edit Order tab. Here you will see a Delete Order button. When clicked a modal will show and a two step confirm is necessary.

All of the order items will be deleted with it. Inventory usage will be removed. Budget usage will be removed, and the order will not show in reports. Any payments received will not be refunded automatically. The order can no longer be edited but can be viewed.