PrintJobManager API


PrintJobManager can be connected to 3rd party applications in two ways:

  1. API


  1. API    


Contact your Aleyant sales rep for price details on this option. To use the PrintJobManager API please check the API documentation, available here: Aleyant Professional Services can be hired to create integrations using the API, or you can hire your own developer.




An inexpensive but less powerful alternative to an API integration, is to use to act as a data transfer hehicle between PrintJobManager and a 3rd party application. This method assumes the other application supports See more here



PrintJobManager API Rate Limits


When creating your API integration, please keep in mind the following limits: maximum API connection rate is 20 requests within 10 seconds. Requests that exceed this rate will fail for a 10-second cooldown period. Additionally, there is a limit of 100 records per API request.

For more information please contact your Aleyant sales rep or our support team.