Why am I getting an error on my API call? Can you help me with a problem with an API call I am making?

When a client reports an issue using the Pressero API, our support department is going to ask that you provide three pieces of information. 1) The end point for the API call you are using. 2) The plain text of the request being made. 3) The plain text of the response being received.
The end point, request and response of the call that is erroring for you need to be provided to programming for review before support would be able to setup a meeting or a call to discuss the API issue you are having. In most cases, the end point, request and response data will be enough for programming to make a determination on the error.
Pressero offers a JSON REST API as an addon to any account. The API has many functions that can be used to interact with the Pressero system. Each interaction with the API is comprised of a request and a response. Depending on the functionality of the specific call being used, the request could be done as a GET or a POST request to the API endpoint for the function.
If it is a GET request, the specific information for the call will be contained in a single address URL. If it is a POST request, then the specific information for the request will be contained in a JSON array that is included with the POST request.
In the API documentation, each function will show what type of request it is (GET or POST), a sample request, and a sample response. A basic example of a GET request might be Get Order Item Files, which returns a small JSON array. Get Order Details(ID) is an example of a POST request. Both types of requests will return a JSON array from the call. If the call errors or does not work as expected, the JSON array response may show errors from Pressero.
When an API call is not working as expected and you would like our programming staff to review the issue that you are having, it is important to capture the data for the request and for the response as plain text and send it with your ticket submission on our support system.
Please keep in mind that the Pressero API could be used with a great many different programming environments. Programming can only answer questions about the actual behavior of the Pressero API, we will not be able to answer questions specific to the programming language or development environment that you are using.
API access has to be provisioned specifically for any account so that a Consumer ID value for that account exists, before you will be able to use API access with your account. Please contact your sales representative for pricing concerning getting API access enabled for your account.