Ch. 024. Product Attributes

Product Attributes  

Product Attributes allow you to "tag" a product in a store so that additional information about that product can be known. 


Creating a New Attribute

Click on the "Add New" link at the top of the page

Name - Name the product attribute. Give it a unique name. 

Assigning the Attribute to the Product

In Admin > Sites > Products > Attribute Tab you will be able to assign any number of attributes to your products. You can assign attributes to both B2B and B2C storefronts. 



Attributes for Approval Workflows

The tag can be used as a trigger for an order approval request to the approval manager within the Pressero system. See also Sites (B2B) > Approval Plans > Plan > Rule Type > Product Attribute. Please note: This option requires the custom approval workflow that is included in the professional and enterprise packages. Contact our support department if you need to add this option to your standard package.




Attributes for Reporting Purposes

Attributes can be also used to sort product information in reports (example: use product tags for digital, offset, pick-and-pack, etc). The report writer then knows what jobs are in each department. A pick and pack report can also be used for staff to go to one of three warehouses to do the fulfillment of inventoried items. Go to: Admin > Tools > Report Writer and select the attributes you want to sort by from the "Filter" drop down area. 



Other uses for Attributes

  • A third party order approval triggered by a Product Attribute would be in addition to any order acceptance you may require the customer to give when they place an order. To setup a product order acceptance by a customer, see Sites > Products > General: Acceptance Control and Acceptance Text.
  • Attributes can be used to tag product detail that is needed for the integration with another solution. 

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