An order item was marked denied by mistake. Can I reset the price on the denied order item?

When an order item that requires approval is denied by the approval user, the price on the denied order item is set to be $0.00. If the deny was accidental, you can reset the price on the order item.
Find the order item in the list of orders in the Pending area for your site or account. Edit the order item by using the pencil icon to the left.
Set the order item to be approved on Approval Status at the upper-right of the edit window.
Scroll down to the Edit Item area, and hit the Reset Content button in the Pricing Calculator area on the right of the edit window.
The price will reset on the order item, and then use the Save button to save the changes to the order item.
If the order item is not waiting on a payment, then this will move the order item to the orders area for the site and the price will be reset.