• Integration - VeraCore via External Services

PRESSERO > *Integration Information & Supported Services
  • Import selected Veracore products into Pressero

    • Pressero can read current inventory levels in VeraCore

  • If a Pressero order matches a product in VeraCores’ inventory the order will be sent to VeraCore, otherwise the order will only reside in Pressero


The VeraCore integration uses the Aleyant webhooks & External Services.  To enable this integration you need to obtain the following from VeraCore:

  • VeraCore System ID 

  • VeraCore User and Password

  • VeraCore RHU URL 

Setting Up the Pressero VeraCore  Integration

(Also see video at bottom of page)

1.0 Login to Aleyant External Services

Aleyant Professional Services will provide you with a username and password to access the custom integration environment at https://external.ams.pressero.com seen below.

1.1 Choose the "Third Parties Integrations" button




1.2 Click VeraCore "Settings" Button  

Locate "VeraCore" in your list of embedded services and click its Settings button



1.3 Enter Credentials, Set Order Transfer Trigger

In the Connection Settings, enter the VeraCore System ID, User, Password and RHU URL provided by Veracore. Select the Pressero Workflow status you want to cause the Pressero Order to be sent to VeraCore.



2.0 Other configuration parameters that are created by Aleyant and should not be modified 

This integration will create a webhook* in your Pressero account that will send order data to VeraCore so their system can update inventory and order information.


The VeraCore webhook is in your Pressero admin Preferences > WebHooks area as seen below: 




The webhook URL is set by Aleyant in the Settings tab as seen below. Do Not change this.




The Selected Events tab controls when the integration is activated as seen below. Order Placed is used as the trigger. Do not change this.



2.1 Select Stores

In the Selected Sites tab, select the sites (stores) that will use VeraCore products. Any new sites that you want to use VeraCore products will need to be selected here after the site is created.








3. How the integration Works
Once enabled as above, every time an order is placed for products having a PublicPartNumber or PrivatePartNumber code that matches a product ID in VeraCore's inventory, the order will be sent to VeraCore. The OrderSeqID and the OrderID returned by VeraCore will be entered in the Pressero > Orders > "Job #" field as seen below. If there were any errors, an error message will be entered in this field.


VeraCore Product Import Interruption. If there is an interruption during the import, only the products before the interruption will have been imported. In the Aleyant External Services, select the site where you imported the products. Products that have been imported will show their SKU crossed out and in red. Also, the imported products will be displayed in the Pressero admin > Sites (select) > Catalog > Products using the VeraCore product name. 

Pressero Product Category Assignment. To assign imported products to one or more Categories, use Pressero admin > Sites (select) > Catalog > Catalog Organization just like you would with any other product. 

Configuration ParametersConfiguration parameters that are created by Aleyant in the Pressero WebHooks > Settings tab and Selected Events tab as noted in 2.0 above should not be modified. 

Video Overview


* A webhook is an API that powers one-way data sharing triggered by events.


Technical Support Portal:
Support for those with the Dear integration:

  • Log in to the Aleyant support portal: support.aleyant.com
  • Choose Professional Services as the department (this goes directly to a ProServices inbox)
  • Response will be 4 business hours or less