Can I auto populate the Location address in eDocBuilder Template if Address Book mode is set to Both in Pressero?

There are two areas of system involved in this question:
  1. Address Book Mode in Pressero
  2. Profile fields to auto populate the details on eDocBuilder Template.
The Address Book Mode is responsible to show the address on Shipping section of the site and if you have set the details to auto-populate in eDoc Builder through profile fields, then the Address book mode will be responsible to auto populate the address in the eDoc Builder Template.
Whenever you set the Address Book Mode to “Both”, then system will always consider user’s address from address book as primary address and hence eDoc Builder will auto populate users address in eDoc Builder Template. It is not possible to populate users’ location in the template by default if the Address Book Mode is set to ‘Both’
If you wish to keep the Address Book Mode to ‘Both’ and still want the location to get auto populated in the eDoc Builder template, then you can do it in three ways:
  1. Add the Location address as User’s address and set it to primary in site user settings. This way system will pick this address as primary address and auto-populate it on eDoc Builder Template
  2. Do not link eDoc Builder Address field with Pressero Profile fields and instead create a dropdown of all the locations in that dropdown and the user can choose an appropriate location. You can also use VB scripting to auto populate the location based on user’s name or any other attribute.
  3. You can use the Custom Profile field option. You can create a custom profile field and nameit as ‘Location’ and add Location address to that custom profile field and then link that custom profile field with the address field in the eDoc Builder template.