• Integration - Tharstern via Embedded Services

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  • Import selected Tharstern products into Pressero (product name, number, price, inventory level)

  • Assign Tharstern products to Pressero Categories, User Groups

  • Set mandatory file upload as a product option

  • Use Tharstern pricing & inventory management in Pressero

  • Set a markup % if desired

  • Alert buyers in Pressero store if inventory is out of stock

  • Send orders to Tharstern from Pressero

  • Automatically update Tharstern product prices in Pressero when changes are made in Tharstern

  • Reflect inventory updates in Tharstern automatically in Pressero

  • Add product images, descriptions etc. in the Pressero admin as usual


The Tharstern integration uses the Aleyant Webhook & External Services. To enable this integration you need obtain from Tharstern: 

  1. Tharstern API Login 

  2. Tharstern API Password

  3. Tharstern Server URL (https): This is the address to access the Tharstern API. If your Tharstern server needs to know the Aleyant IP address, please open an Aleyant support ticket so we can provide the correct information. 

  4. CustomerCode used for Tharstern products

To obtain information/help on how to get this information please contact the Tharstern support team.


Setting Up The Pressero Tharstern Integration

(also see video in link at bottom of page at 6:18)


1.0 Login to Aleyant External Services

Aleyant Professional Services will provide you with a username and password to access the custom integration environment at https://external.ams.pressero.com seen below.


1.1 Choose the "Third Parties Integrations" button:


1.2 Click Tharstern "Settings" Button
This is where you will enter in the Tharstern API credentials. There are two buttons, Settings, and Management. Settings is where you will enter the API credentials Tharstern has given you.

1.3 Enter Tharstern API Key
Enter the Tharstern API Key, both for the test environment (if applicable) and for the live environment. This is also where you can map the order status you want used in Tharstern.


1.4 Add a Script to Pressero Website(s) that will use Tharstern Integration

In Pressero Admin > Sites select the store that will be connected to Tharstern. In Settings > SEO / HTML tab, select the "HTML content for bottom of <head> section", copy and paste this code (repeat for each store that will use Tharstern):
<meta http-equiv="Access-Control-Allow-Origin" content="https://external.ams.pressero.com/" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://external.ams.pressero.com/integrations/Tharstern.js"></script>
<link href="https://external.ams.pressero.com/integrations/Tharstern.css" rel="stylesheet">
1.5 Import the Tharstern Products into Pressero
After setting up the API in the Aleyant External Services Settings area, click the Management button. This is where you will control the Tharstern product import. The import will take some minutes. This process is data intensive, there is a lot going on.
After setting up the API credentials and the Pressero HEADER code, the Management area (below) is used to import Tharstern products into Pressero.
The import will bring in the Tharstern product name, the item #, price and inventory level. These are mapped to the corresponding Pressero data fields. Item # is mapped to both the private and public product number fields in Pressero.
  • Site: select the Pressero store you will be importing products into
  • % increase over priceoption for setting a selling price higher than the Tharstern price
  • Categories: assign the product(s) to Pressero product Categories (based on Site selected)
  • User Groups: assign the product(s) to Pressero User Groups  (based on Site selected)
  • Check Box:  an option to require a file upload by the print buyer when placing an order
  • Workflow: select how orders placed in Pressero are transferred into Tharstern
  • File Upload: set a mandatory file upload as a product option
1.6 Test the Integration
Place some test orders in Pressero.

2. Other configuration parameters that are created by Aleyant and should not be modified

A webhook is an API that powers one-way data sharing triggered by events. This integration will create a webhook in your Pressero account that will send order data to Tharstern, so their system can update inventory and order information. 

A plugin pricing engine will be created in Pressero that will dynamically collect Tharstern prices for each product.



Order Status. Are order status changes in Tharstern sent to the Pressero order history? 

Order Changes. When an order is edited or changed in Pressero, is that change sent to Tharstern?
Initial Order Status. Can a specific status be set when an order is sent to Tharstern?
Yes, use the "Settings" area to set this.
Artwork. Is artwork from an order sent to Tharstern as well as the order data?
Import Time. About how long does importing products take?
A maximum of 50 products will be imported at the same time. The time involved depends on many factors.
Import Interruption. What happens if there is an interruption during the import?
If it happens, some products will have been imported and others will not. When selecting the site where you want to import the products, if there are products that have already been imported on that site, their SKU will be shown crossed out and in red. Also, the imported products will be displayed in the Pressero admin > Sites (select) > Catalog > Products the imported product.

Aleyant & Tharstern co-hosted a webinar about the integration. You can see it here: