How to Override a Job's Equipment or Material using Manage Job

How Can I Override the Press the Job Used for Pricing and Production? Sometimes the intended press is down, or a raw material unavailable and we need to substitute something more expensive. 

Yes, there are two ways to use PrintJobManager's Manage Job feature to override and replace the material or equipment used in the job's product price engine.
Manage Job Option 1
  1. In List Estimates / Jobs, select the Gear icon for the job, then select Manage Job from the menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Production or Materials section, click the Add New button.
  3. In the screen, select the equipment or material that will be used instead of the one that's unavailable.
  4. A new screen will display, enter the details, click Save Production Process or Save Material as needed.
  5. Your new Equipment or Material will display in the respective Production or Materials section.
  6. If Equipment, edit (Edit Pencil icon) the Step number to match the one you are replacing.
  7. Delete the equipment or material you want to replace or override.
  8. Once the new material or production resource is added, the job reflects the changes in prices, on tickets, in schedule, etc.
Manage Job Option 2
As above, but instead of adding a new one (step 2 above) and deleting the existing one (step 7), you can use the Edit icon for the current production or material item you want to override and change it to the equipment or material you are going to use.