Are TTC files supported by eDocBuilder?

The quick answer is No, eDocBuilder does not support TTC files.

What is a TTC file?

TTC, abbreviated as TrueType Collection, is an extension of the TrueType format. A TTC file can combine multiple font files into it. These files are beneficial for combining multiple fonts that share many glyphs in common. TrueType Font Collections are most often used for East Asian languages, such as Japanese and Korean.

What is the structure of a TTC file?

A TTC file consists of a TTC Header table, Table Directories, and multiple OpenType tables. The TTC Header must be found at the start of the file. A complete table directory for each font must exist. The TableDirectory format should be similar as existed in a non-collection file. The table counts in all directories within a TTC file are calculated from the start of a TTC file. The tables in a TTC file are referenced through the table directory of their respective fonts. A few of the OpenType tables must appear multiple times, once for each font added in the TTC. Whereas the other tables may be shared by multiple fonts in the TTC file.

What type of fonts are supported in eDocBuilder?

Please click here to learn more about the type of fonts that are supported in eDocBuilder.

How do I convert TTC to TTF fonts?

There are many services on the web (free and paid). For example: