tFLOW History 2022

FLOW v10.9.6.5
rev 8b0f6d41 
Release date: 12-21-2022 
80342BugBug in API
80315BugFix translation for emails
80309User StoryImprovements for API response times part 1
79393BugFrench translation errors in upload interface
79027User StoryImprovements for API response times part 2
FLOW v10.9.6.4
rev 207eaee5 
Release date: 11-24-2022
79050User StoryChange French translation
78743User StoryChange the toolbar to a darker color
78588BugOrder jobs list refreshing when upload
78376BugImplicit links and default language
77381BugOrder review email shows all jobs, should show only jobs in that order 
77159BugSometimes revisions and jobs may be not archived completely
76492BugIt is possible to delete revision from a job which is currently archiving
76277BugIssue assigning users at order level

FLOW v10.9.6.2
rev 99f6ead1
Release date: 1-24-2022
75984BugFixed a bug with Storage Manager fails with Aggregate Exception (Linux only)

FLOW v10.9.6
rev 99f6ead1
Release date: 1-19-2022
74868User StoryAutomation Hub, management of PJM support files transfer to tFLOW
74867User StoryImplementing tFLOW API methods for managing support files
75651BugNew user created at order level is not assigned
75404BugProof is not properly refreshed
75377BugStorageManager can lose files in case of errors on the cloud side