tFLOW API changelog 2022

FLOW v10.9.6.5
rev 8f941cea
Release date: 12-21-2022
80342 Bug Bug in API endpoint
Returning a 500 error
The OrderGetinitialInfo endpoint is now returning the default icon 75 for both 
the "allowedInstanceUsers" and "allowedNonInstanceUsers" lists.
This change improves the performances significantly.
FLOW v10.9.6.4
rev 14d0d723
Release date: 11-24-2022
No changes

FLOW v10.9.6
rev 99f6ead1
Release date: 1-19-2022
New API endpoints to manage support files (attachments):
  • Create attachment (attach a file to an entity) - POST
  • Delete attached file - DELETE
  • Get (download) attached file - GET
  • Get list of files attached to given entity - GET