• Integration — Magento Integration with tFLOW via Automation Hub


The purpose of this document is to outline the structural requirements to successfully sync order and customer information from a given instance of a Magento store to Aleyant tFLOW so the print buyers art files can be automatically processed by tFLOW's dynamic and automated preflighting, fixing, proofing and approval system before being sent to the print queue.

This integration requires the Magento integration add-on for your tFLOW plan and assumes you have Magento. Contact your Aleyant sales rep for integration details.

Order Data Integration  

The Integration will be implemented utilizing Aleyant’s Automation Hub and Magen to’s push notifications‐based REST API. The instructions below summarize configuration on Magento’s end, once Aleyant has setup tFLOW’s end via Automation Hub.
Configuration within Magento is the responsibility of your Magento developer/administrator. Aleyant is responsible for the setup of the Automation Hub

Integration Foundation 

  • The integration will facilitate data synchronization one way, from Magento to tFLOW. 
  • Automation Hub will query Magento for new orders and jobs and changes in existing orders.  
  • Automation Hub will retrieve order information and generate order and jobs in tFLOW system. 
  • In the event of a network error, Automation Hub will automatically retry the last synchronization action.

Integration Requirements

  1. Product assignment in tFLOW: tFLOW is using a “product” assigned to each job to run the proper scripts for preflight, proof and finishing. 
In Magento it is possible to configure “Configurable Attributes”. These properties will be made available in the products defined in Magento.

To have the proper product assignment is enough to create a special attribute in Magento named ”tflow_product” and give to this attribute the tFLOW product name to assign. Automation Hub will read this attribute and will assign the content to product in tFLOW. 

  1. Production queue assignment in tFLOW: tFLOW is using the production queue to dispatch the production files to the RIP or prepress stations. 

To have the automatic assignment it is enough to create an attribute in Magento called “tflow_queue” and assign the name of the queue to have it automatically assigned to the job.

  1. Additional fields could be added in Magento as Configurable Attributes and assigned to the variables in tFLOW by Automation Hub.  

For example, we could control the bleed creation, size, resolution, finishing, etc.

  1. The Email field is mandatory in tFLOW; all main contacts must contain a valid email.

Data Mapping 

Automation Hub can transfer the following order details to tFLOW: 

  • Customer information: 

For each customer, Automation Hub will create: 

- Company (mapped to Customer name in Magento) 
- Non-instance user (mapped to Customer’s main contact) 
  • Order information:
- Order name (mapped to order number in Magento) 
- Description (mapped to order description in Magento) 
- Ship  
- Notes  
  • Job information: 

- Name 
- Product 
- Description 
- Ship Date 
- Notes 
- Quantity
  • User information: 
- Order and job will be created under non-instance user (Customer user)
- Instance users who have enabled option “Auto assign to new orders” also will be assigned automatically
- Company and user will be created if such elements do not exist

Synchronization Logic  

The data synchronization is one way, from Magento to tFLOW.
  • Automation Hub will search synchronization object before creating it. If an object is found, Automation Hub will update object properties (only for order and job), otherwise new objects will be created.
  • List of supported objects and key fields:
    • Company: Identified by name (case insensitive) 
    • User: Identified by email (case insensitive) 
    • Order: Identified by name (case sensitive) 
    • Job: Identified by name (case sensitive) 

Additional Customization

If you require additional capabilities, Aleyant's Professional Services team can quote the project.  For example including custom parameters to pass from Magento to tFLOW. Please contact your Aleyant sales rep for details.