Invoicing with PrintJobManager

Can I invoice with PrintJobManager?
Yes, there are two ways to invoice using PrintJobManager (PJM).
  1. Edit the PJM Order Acknowledgment and the Payment Request emails to include Invoice text, or
  2. Connect PrintJobManager to an accounting system

PrintJobManager (PJM), can send a variety of emails, These can be modified by you to include the word "invoice" among other changes. For PrintJobManager invoicing, there are two email templates you may want to edit:
  • The automatic Order Acknowledgment email, and the other is
  • The manual Payment Request email
Order Acknowledgment Email
If a customer accepts an estimate sent from PJM, they will automatically receive an Order Acknowledgement email. The subject line and body text of the default email template can be edited by you to address invoicing.  
If the order was entered into PJM by one of your staff instead of a customer accepting an Estimate, the manual Payment Request email can be sent. Like the Order Acknowledgement email, it can be edited.
Email Subject Line
The Order Acknowledgement email subject line could say for example "AB6 Printers Invoice ##ORDERNUMBER##" instead of the default "AB6 Printers Order PJM##ORDERNUMBER## Acknowledged". Same for the Payment Request email: "AB6 Invoice for Order ##ORDERNUMBER##" instead of the default "AB6 Payment Request for Order PJM##ORDERNUMBER##".
  • The print shop in this example is called AB6 Printers, you'd use your company name instead.  
  • PJM auto inserts the order number where ##ORDERNUMBER## displays
Email Body Text
In a similar way, the body text of the emails can be edited to include the invoice payment request and details. The body text uses a lot of automatic ##merge## fields as well as text. 
The other option is to connect PrintJobManager to your accounting software and have it do the invoicing. The connection may use:
  •, or
  • A direct API connection. 
For Zapier, check the website to see if your accounting system supports this method and your requirements. A variety of accounting software such as QuickBooks Online, Zoho, or Xero or others support Zapier connections.
Some accounting software is not online, or doesn't support Zapier.
In that case a direct API integration between PJM and your system would be needed. For example, QuickBooks Enterprise or Desktop are offline applications. We can create a digital bridge between PJM and the offline accounting system using an API integration. Please contact your Aleyant sales rep to discuss the API integration option and details.