Can I point the same column in a variable-data file to more than one field in my template?

When you are using a template whose fields are set for input from a variable-data file (such as a CSV or XLS), when the variable-data file is uploaded to the template during customization, the user is presented with dropdown fields where the names of the columns in the variable-data file can be chosen.
Only one column can be selected for any one input field on the template. For example, the City column can be chosen to populate into the City field, but City cannot be chosen for any other fields after it is chosen for City. It has to be one column in the input variable-data file to one field in the template. If the same column in the input variable-data file is chosen for more than one field in the template, the template will not preview as expected, the second field pointed to the same column will not populate.
If you do need to have the same data feeding into different fields in the template, the column in the variable-data file will have to be duplicated before populating it into the template.