How do I integrate Pressero with my EFI Fiery system?

The Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) utility works with your Pressero account to download order files and send those files to hot folders on your network for any RIP and printers that you are running. The AWI can produce specific job ticket files for various systems, including the EFI Fiery system.
Note that the Fiery specific control file is an add-on to AWI and you should contact your sales representative if you would would like this functionality active for your AWI and account.
When setting up Download Rules in your AWI, you can specify that a control file be created for orders matching that rule using the EFI Fiery JMF and JDF control file format. The control files can be placed in their own hot folder, and the production PDF file for the order can be sent to a different folder, or both can be set to go to the same folder.
If you are not sure if your Pressero account supports the Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI), please open a ticket to Pressero Support at or check directly with your sales representative. More information about the AWI can be found on our support system under Articles in AWI User Manual & Video