Ch. 017. Creating Shipping Methods

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Pressero supports both integrated (3rd party carrier accounts such as FedEx, UPS, etc.) zone shipping (based on shipping location and weight) and non integrated shipping methods (such as pickup, delivery, etc). Every store MUST have a shipping method even if you are not using any integrated shipping carriers. Without a shipping method your customer will not be able to view the store correctly, or check out. Within each site you create, one or more of these Shipping Methods can be selected by you for use by your customers.

To create a Shipping Method, click on the "Create New Shipping Method" option. 
Method Name - Decide on a name that you want the customer to see in the store that represents the shipping method option you are offering. This might be FedEx Next Day, Customer Pickup at our facility, Delivery Vehicle, etc.). 
Carrier - Choose from the list of integrated carriers and non-integrated options. Available: 
  • Australia Post (Domestic)
  • Australia Post (International)
  • Australia Post v2 (eParcel)
  • Canada Post
  • Chronopost
  • Correios (Brazil)
  • Couriers Please (Australia)
  • EnvíaYa (Mexico)
  • Fastway (South Africa)
  • FedEx
  • New Zealand Post (Domestic)
  • New Zealand Post (International)
  • Non Integrated
  • Non Integrated Zone
  • Overseas (Croatia)
  • Redyser (Spain)
  • UPS
  • USPS
Service - Based on the Carrier you chose these options will change.  
  • Integrated Carriers - The Drop Down will include the services that are available to you. You can create any number of Carrier/Service options. 
    • FedEx > Special Services. Only select services that do not conflict. For example, having  "Hold at location" as well as "Inside Delivery" plus "Return Shipment" selected will prevent the proper operation of the shipping method because these are contradictory requirements. Note - Home Delivery is not yet supported.  Do not select it. 
    • UPS > Service. Note that some Services such as UPS Ground are supported for US and Puerto Rico origins only.  If you are outside the US, check the UPS website to determine which Services are available for your country. When testing, if your UPS Shipping Method returns the error "Shipment not possible: No estimate returned (service ineligible)" this could be the cause. The Shipping Method will not display in your Storefront if it is not supported for your country. 
    • UPS > Packaging. Note that some Packaging types work for certain UPS services and not for others. "None”, or “Your Packaging" should be selected for UPS Ground. Do not select "Box" for UPS Ground. “Box” only works for UPS Air, UPS 2nd Day, etc.  If your UPS Shipping Method does not display in your Storefront, this would likely be the cause.
    • Couriers Please is now only available in v6.

To set up your account for integration with Pressero, you will need to obtain an Access Key, Account Number and your Service Code from Couriers Please.  

Step 1: Add the Carrier Account Information
1. Go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping
2. The first tab is "Carrier Accounts"
3. Locate the area for Couriers Please
4. Enter both the Access Key and Account Number provided to you 
5. Save
Step 2: Create a new Shipping Method
1. Go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping if you are not already there
2. Click on "Create New Shipping Method"
3. Enter a Method Name that your customers will see in the store
4. Select "Couriers Please" from the "Carrier" drop down. 
5. Select "Based on Provider Options - Service Code" from the "Service" Drop down (currently only option available)
6. Enter the Service Code provided to you by Couriers Please in the "Service Code" drop down in the "Provider Options" section of the page. This will be a 3 digit code.
7. If using test credentials, check the Test Mode checkbox
8. Save
Package Dimensions: You *must* supply the package dimensions in order for this shipping integration to work.  Dimensions will default to the minimum of 3cm by 4cm by 4cm. Do not change to dimensions smaller than the minimum set here. 
Also, the service is a bit different, when the user requests the shipping cost for an item it’ll list all the services available from the sender’s postcode to the customer’s postcode, so it’s possible that not all services are available from one postcode to another, the service code given to you will determine what is available. ​Therefore, your ship from location must include a city that matches the postal code district. The ship from location pulls from Preferences > Locations.  In both B2B and retail sites, the ship from location will be the primary location as set in Preferences > Locations unless you set a different ship from location in Sites > [site name] > Settings > General Info tab in the Shopping Cart section.  In retail sites, the field is labeled "Ship From Location."  In B2B sites, the field is labeled "Location."

It is recommended that you add directions to this page to avoid any confusion on your customers part in selecting the shipping services available to them. You can do this by going to Admin > Sites [Select Site] Settings > Instructions Tab. Enter your instructions in the "Shopping Cart" section. 

  • Non-Integrated- Either choose one of the non-integrated service options we list, or simply choose "non-integrated option." What you charge (if you charge anything) will be set in the other fields. 
  • Non-Integrated Zone - This shipping type is based on shipping location and product weight, but is not tied to any of our integrated shipping partners. 
Above is a screenshot of the non-integrated zone shipping method. 

Setting up the non-integrated zone shipping method

After you select this from the Carrier drop down list, a zone configuration area will appear. 
To set up your zones, enter geographical qualifications–at least a country, but you can be as specific as a certain postal code–and a cost per weight unit. The weight unit (lb vs. kg) and currency are determined by the culture setting of your site. 
  • Country - Each zone must have a country selected
  • State / Province - It is not required to specify a state or province. You can leave this option to "none" if you wish.
  • City - It is ok to leave blank if you do not wish to include the city in the zone
  • Postal Code - It is ok to leave blank if you do not wish to include the postal code in the zone. Wildcards are supported for postal codes. For example, if you enter 60* in the Postal Code field, it will apply that rate to any postal code beginning with 60.
  • Cost Per Unit - The cost per unit entered here will be multiplied by the weight of the product. Enter it as a decimal or 0 if no cost per unit is needed. The culture in the store will determine how the weight is calculated (kg vs. pounds, etc.). 
When you are done filling in each zone specification, click “Add New Rate To List.” Each rate you add will appear in a list to the right of the zone configuration options. You can click on a rate and use the up- and down-arrow buttons to move the rate higher or lower in priority. 
Note* Pressero will recognize that you have a non integrated zone shipping option available in your site, and when we see this, we will add two more options for your customers to complete when getting shipping estimations on the product and the cart pages (state/province and City). Otherwise, only Country and Postal Code are needed to get shipping estimates. 
Handling Charge -  If you want to add a handling charge to the shipping method enter it here, otherwise leave it to zero. The customer will not know that there is a handling charge included and it will not be displayed on a separate line item in the shopping cart. The fee will be rolled into the final shipping cost they see. 

Markup % - If you would like the price from the carrier to be marked up by a percentage amount, enter it here. Do not type in the % symbol. Example: 15% should be entered as .15. 
Minimum Charge - If you want to make sure all orders have at least a certain amount, no matter what comes back from the carrier, enter it here. Example: If you want to make sure shipping is at least $10 but the carrier cost comes back at $5, the fee will be shown as $10.00.
Maximum Weight Per Package - If you need to specify a specific weight per package enter it here, otherwise you can leave this blank. Integrated shipping carriers already have the maximum package amounts built into their integrated costs. This is used when you need to specify something specific for your product needs. 
Note: setting the Max weight to zero will likely prevent the display of any integrated shipping methods and may prevent checkout since many of them have minimum weights. 
Minimum Weight - If you want this particular shipping method to appear as a choice for orders over a certain amount, enter the minimum weight here. 
Maximum Weight - If you want this particular shipping method to appear as a choice for orders under a certain amount, enter the maximum weight here. 
Package Dimensions - This will appear for shipping methods in which UPS or FedEx is selected as the carrier.  Beginning in 2015, both carriers will increase the pricing on packages that do not have dimensions specified. These settings are optional.  However, you will receive better pricing by providing package dimensions.  You will need to enter the length, width and height of the package in the corresponding field. This is a required field for Couriers Please shipping method (Australian Company). To learn more about setting up Couriers Please you should refer to this article:
Free Shipping - You have the option to offer free shipping if the total price of the order is over a certain amount.  Since an order can have multiple shipping addresses for the various items within the order, by selecting "For Destination" in the "Free Shipping" field, you can choose to only offer free shipping if the total amount going to a specific destination exceeds the threshold you set in the "If More Than" field.

Editing a Shipping Method

Select the pencil icon next to the Shipping Method's Name to edit a Shipping Method. The edit window will display. You can review the Shipping Method details and settings. Click Save after making any changes.


Deleting/Undeleting a Shipping Method


Click the Delete button at the bottom of the Shipping Method edit window to delete a Shipping Method.

Check mark the Include Deleted Methods box at the top-right of the Shipping Method control to display all deleted a Shipping Methods. Click the Edit pencil and then click Save to un-delete a Shipping Method.
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