Can my customers edit their credit card information on the site when using, Cybersource or Payflow?

Integrated payment methods on Pressero, including, but not limited to,, Payflow and Cybersource, may support the payment service's features for storing credit card information for future orders.
When the ability to store the credit card information is enabled for a payment method setup in Pressero, that card information is stored on the payment service's system, and not on the site in Pressero.
The look and feel of the interface for storing credit card information will be different, depending on the payment method used, as the window that is displayed for entering credit card information for a payment is being displayed from the payment service's system, and is not being controlled by Pressero.
For example, the screenshot below is from with the CIM functionality enabled. It is important that the payment methods work in this manner to ensure the security of cardholder information, and is a significant step towards Pressero achieving full PCI compliance for our systems.