Font Conversion on a Mac

Question: About font conversion utilities, can you please advise what they are so I can try and find a workaround for my template? I'm on a Mac, hence I don't have Windows version fonts.
Answer: Except for the OTF format, the Mac versions of fonts cannot be used directly with eDocBuilder. They must be converted to PC format first. CrossFont is good for this; there are a few and this is also a good free online converter at
Here is the process to use:

1) On your Mac, use Suitcase on the font file(s) you will be converting.
2) Go to to convert the fonts into one of our supported formats: Open Type (.otf), True Type (.ttf), or PC Type 1 (.pfb).
3) You should then be able to download the converted font and upload it into the Assets area of your template in eDocBuilder.
Please Note: The tool suggested is a third-party tool and Aleyant is not responsible for its performance or issues related to conversion.
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