Ch. 016. Shipping (Setting up Carrier Accounts)

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If you would like to use Integrated shipping in your store you will complete the account information in this section (if it is needed). Some carriers do not offer any special discounts for customers with accounts so not every integrated solution requires account information. If you want to set up a shipping method using your customers account information or a brokers account information, you will not do that here. You will want to follow these same steps on the site level. As an example: if you set up your UPS account information in this area it will be available for all your sites to use. If one of those sites wants to use UPS but have their own account information be used to get the rates, then you will set this up again in that particular site and it will override what is entered here for just that particular site. 
Once you set up the various methods here, you will still need to activate the shipping methods in your individual stores in order for them to be enabled. The first step is to set them up here, then on a site by site basis you will decide which of these methods you want to make available to each store. You will also be able to limit certain shipping methods for different customers that are ordering from your site (site groups) and decide what order the various methods will display in the store. See Admin > Sites [Site Name] > Settings > Shipping. 
As of today's date, these are the options available in Pressero: 
  • Australia Post (Domestic)
  • Australia Post (International)
  • Australia Post eParcel (both Domestic and International rates)
  • Canada Post
  • Chronopost
  • Correios (Brazil)
  • Couriers Please (Australia)
  • FedEx
  • Fastway (South Africa)
  • IFS SmartFreight (United Kingdom)
  • JNE Express (Indonesia)
  • New Zealand Post (Domestic)
  • New Zealand Post (International)
  • OCA (Argentina)
  • Purolator (Canada)
  • UPS
  • UPS Freight
Each carrier has different requirements but in all cases where you are asked for account details, you need to first set up the account with the carrier of choice and then enter that information into the different areas. If there is any additional information supplied from the carriers, or unique information to share, we've listed it below. 
Your postal code listed in Preferences > Locations will be used as the "ship from" location when the fee is being calculated. Without a Location, any Store you create will have problems in the Shipping area of Checkout. 
You can override the account information entered here on a site by site basis. If you want to use your customer's account (instead of yours), enter it in their Site > Settings > Shipping area instead. If any of your sites will use the information you have entered here, there is no need to enter it again on the site level. 

Couriers Please
To set up your account for integration with Pressero, you will need to obtain an Access Key, Account Number and your Service Code from Couriers Please.  
Step 1: Add the Carrier Account Information
1. Go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts
2. Locate the area for Couriers Please
3. Enter both the Access Key and Account Number provided to you 
4. Save
Step 2: Create a new Shipping Method
1. Go to Admin > Preferences > Shipping > Methods if you are not already there
2. Click on "Add New"
3. Enter a Method Name that your customers will see in the store
4. Select "Couriers Please" from the "Carrier" drop down. 
5. Select "Based on Provider Options - Service Code" from the "Service" Drop down (currently only option available)
6. Enter the Service Code provided to you by Couriers Please in the "Service Code" drop down in the "Provider Options" section of the page. This will be a 3 digit code.
7. If using test credentials, check the Test Mode checkbox
8. Save
Please Note: Package Dimensions will default to the minimum of 3cm by 4cm by 4cm. Do not change to dimensions smaller than the minimum set here. 
Also, the service is a bit different, when the user requests the shipping cost for an item it’ll list all the services available from the sender’s postcode to the customer’s postcode, so it’s possible that not all services are available from one postcode to another, the service code given to you will determine what is available. Therefore, your ship from location must include a city that matches the postal code district. The ship from location pulls from Preferences > Locations.  In both B2B and retail sites, the ship from location will be the primary location as set in Preferences > Locations unless you set a different ship from location in Sites > [site name] > Settings > General Info tab in the Shopping Cart section.  In retail sites, the field is labeled "Ship From Location."  In B2B sites, the field is labeled "Location."
It is recommended that you add directions to this page to avoid any confusion on your customers part in selecting the shipping services available to them. You can do this by going to Admin > Sites [Select Site] Settings > Instructions Tab. Enter your instructions in the "Shopping Cart" section. 

FedEx has changed their rules for integrated shipping. Each print service provider (you) must get their own “dev key” and password. Here are the steps: 

Go to
  1. Login, and make sure the "I want to go to" drop down has "Web Services" selected.  If you don't have an account, go to the Sign Up page link, located below the login area
  2. Click on Move to Production
  3. Click Obtain Production Key at the bottom of the page
  4. Select "No" for resell intent. Click the FedEx Web Services for Shipping option in the second area. In the third area, click Corporate Developer.
  5. On the next screen, Accept the license agreement
  6. Put your information in the Contact Info area
  7. Put your information in the Developer Info area
  8. Proceed through confirmation. 
  9. On the confirmation screen, you will see your Authentication Key and your Meter Number.  You will then receive an email from FedEx with the subject of "Your developer Production Key Registration is complete."  You will need the password from this email notification.  Enter the information you receive in the Settings > Shipping > Carrier Accounts area. Enter the Authentication Key from the confirmation screen into the FedEx Dev Key field, enter your FedEx account Number into FedEx Account, and enter the Meter Number from the confirmation screen into FedEx Meter. Enter the password emailed by FedEx into the FedEx Password field, Save.
IFS SmartFreight
To use this integration, you will need to provide your account number and password for your IFS SmartFreight account.
JNE Express
To use the JNE Express shipping integration, you will need to fill in your username and API Key for your JNE account.  This would be provided to you by JNE.  Please note that this shipping integration will only be valid for shipments within Indonesia.  The ship from location for your site should be an address in Indonesia with a valid Indonesian city.
To use the OCA shipping integration, you will need to provide your CUI as provided by OCA.
All of the information required for the Purolator integration is provided by Purolator.  You will need the following information:
  1. Key - Production Key (make sure that this key is activated)
  2. Password - Production Key password
  3. Account Number - Your Purolater Account number
  4. Access Key/User Token - Access Key/User Token
Please follow the steps below to request the Production Key for this Web Service integration.
You will first need to register on the Web Services website. Registration with the Purolator Resource Center only takes a few moments: (select the Corporate Account Holder option).
Once registered, you may click on the "Ready for Production" button and follow the instructions on how to request the production key (select the Corporate option). You will automatically receive an email with the information required to complete the integration.
  1. For UPS, you need to register for a UPS Online Tools account here:
  2. Follow the four steps in “How To Get Started” to get an Access key.  In step 2, choose the Rating API.
  3. Your user id and password should be contained in the email that UPS sends to you.
  4. You'll use the information you receive in Pressero's Settings > Shipping > Carrier Accounts area. Save.
UPS Freight
To set up the UPS Freight integration, you will need to work with our support team to take your freight account from test to development mode.  You will follow these steps
  1. Set up a UPS Freight account in test mode.
  2. Open a support ticket with us and provide us with your UPS Freight credentials including your User ID, Password, Account Number and Access Key.  
  3. We will provide a price.  You will need this price to validate your account with UPS.
  4. Put the price from Step 3 in the UPS Freight settings in the UPS Freight website to take your UPS Freight account into live mode.
  5. Enter your live UPS Freight credentials (User ID, Password, Account Number and Access Key) in Pressero admin in Preferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts > UPS Freight.
Australian Post
Please note that Where it says "User ID" you must enter the "API Key" given to you in that field. Both the Domestic and International options are not able to return rates based on your agreement with Au-post. If you want to have your rates used then select Australia Post v2 which is eParcel. 
Australia Post v2 (eParcel)
To use this option, you must update your contract with AUS post and notify them that you are only going to use the price endpoint (get the rates in the store but not produce shipping labels through Pressero). In your registration you will see an option to select the shipping and tracking services that you would like to access. You must select "Product Pricing" which provides an estimate of the delivery price for the product. If you select any other services, this integration will not work. 
Customers will not automatically have rates loaded for every location. Customers can contact their account manager if they require a listing of their rates to and from particular regions.
Canada Post
You will need to go to the Canada post website and create a small business account here:|pdn|jb|35  Once you have created your account, you will need to contact Canada Post support and get a Merchant ID assigned to your account.  You can contact them at 1-877-262-5762.  Once they assign the merchant ID to your account, enter the Merchant ID in Preferences > Shipping > Carrier Accounts in the User ID field for Canada Post.