Pressero indicates there are a number of "Open Carts & Saved for Later" items within a storefront but when I login as the Site User there is nothing in the cart. Why would Pressero indicate an open cart when it appears to be empty?

On occasion, you may visit SiteName > Open Carts & Saved for Later within the Pressero admin site and there will be items listed there.  These are typically products that were added to a cart at one point but the Site User has not yet placed an order for these products.  The Pressero admin site will tell you exactly what is in these orders and the Site Users that have these outstanding items in their cart.  On occasion though, you may login as that Site User and notice that there are no Saved for Later items or any outstanding items in the cart.  Why would Pressero state that there is an open cart when that does not appear to be?
This happens when a user clicks to "Customize" a product within Pressero (when an eDocBuilder template is assigned).  Pressero creates a "hidden" item in the Site User's cart but does not display this in Pressero to the user until they finish their eDocBuilder session.  If the user begins a template within eDocBuilder but does not complete the process, the user is not shown this item in their cart, but Pressero still considers it an "Open Cart" and this is why it will show up in the Admin site as such.
Once the user places a new order, Pressero will automatically remove any "hidden" items and at that point the user's products will no longer appear in the list of "open carts".