Ch. 012. Creating a Price Break Pricing Engine

The Price Break pricing option is one of four types of pricing engines you can use in the Pressero storefronts to display the price of a product to your buyer. 

Here is an example of Price Breaks: 


In the example above, a buyer can see that the more they order the better the per item cost will be. You can set as many price breaks as you need and can set any amount for your individual ranges. When setting a particular engine to your product within the store, you will have the opportunity to indicate that you wish to show the per piece price as you can see above in the "Each:" line. 

Adding a new Pricing Engine 

Click Add New to create a new pricing engine. You will then select from a drop down list the type of engine you are creating. Select Price Break. You will then need to name the pricing engine. It is good to keep in mind that all your pricing engines for all your sites are listed in this one area, so give it a name that will be easy to identify later when you assign it to a product within a site. All sites can share the same pricing engines so if it is a standard price that you will use over and over among many sites (ex: 8.5 x 11 digital color copies) then give it a general description for the name. If it is a price that is specific to only one customer then you may want to start it with the customers account name (ex: ABC Corp 4 page color brochures). 



You will now enter the details for the pricing engine. Each price option will display on a separate line and you will set each line up one at a time: 

  1. Click New Price Break.
  2. Quantity: Enter the Quantity for the start of the particular Price Break line (1, 100, 1000, etc.).
  3. Weight: Enter the Weight for each item (do not add lbs., kg, etc., these will be automatically added based on the Culture setting for your Site (Settings > General Info: Culture). You must enter a weight if you plan on using integrated shipping options. 
  4. Enter the Price per item in this quantity range (do not use currency symbols, these will be added automatically based on the Site's Culture setting). 
  5. Click the check mark button to add this Price Break line. 
  6. Repeat to add additional price breaks if you need. 
  7. Click Save when finished.
To edit a line item, select the pencil icon next to each price break line. Make changes and be sure to select the checkmark  and save when you are done. If you want to cancel the editing of the line, select the X icon. To delete a line entry, select the garbage can  at the end of the row.