How to keep the spaces between phone numbers to show the desired result

When I enter values in a custom field, for example :
"If I do this 0323568945
and it would put 03 23 56 89 45"
Please note that if you have selected the "Preserve Spaces" option, you must uncheck this box to display the desired result.
Preserving spaces ensures that spaces defined in the format are not truncated. (Can be used when you want your client to be able to use the spacebar to insert more than one space between words. Normally multiple spaces are collapsed into one space, according to HTML rules). Preserve spaces is also used when using field scripts, for example if you want to preserve more than one space in a text group.
Also note that "Always Reformat" box should be checked if you want to include MANDATORY formatting. If this is not checked, the initial view by the customer will display in the format you choose here but they will be able to change it.
An example of this would be a specific phone number format on a business card that uses periods between the digits (123.222.3323). If you want to make sure the customer cannot change that format to use dashes in between the digits, you will want to check the box to always reformat, if you want them to have that flexibility and change it, then leave that box unchecked. Choice of "Custom" or "Custom - Digits Only" will allow you to specify your own unique formatting.
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