How many file upload fields can I add?

You can allow the customer to attach one or more files to their product. The total file transfer limit per upload session is 1 GB or 2 hours. Supported file types are PDF, JPG, GIF and PNG. 

Please note - If you set the width, height and bleed for any PDF or Raster file, the client's upload will be displayed cropped to those specifications. This is for display purposes only, Pressero does not crop the raw file your customer sends you. We will provide the preview with the crop in the order area so you can see what your customer saw when they approved the upload. The preview version will be noted as such. 
Instead if you want to create a file download option in the product, you can do so in the "Assets" menu within the site. You can add a link that allows you to offer your client a file as a template, so that they can download it and then work in the appropriate format, for example:  
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