Ch. 008. Setting Up Your Company Locations

This area of Pressero Admin is for your company location(s). You can find this page by going to  Admin > Preferences > Locations. 

You will assign a location to each of the stores you create, and this information will be referenced in the orders and email notifications generated from the store.

The Primary location is very important for your integrated shipping methods as it is used as the "From" zip code, so make sure to click the star next to your Primary location to set it.

The Primary location also shows up first in the list of locations below, with the rest following alphabetically.



To add a new location, look for the green Add New Location button, and click it.

A new page will open up. Fill it out, and click Save at the bottom.


Create a new record - Select the + Add New Location link to enter information about your production facility location(s). 

Location Code - This field is required. It can be composed of letters and/or numbers. In many cases, it can be a nickname for the locations, for example, "HQ" for the headquarters of your company.

General Information - Enter the information you want to show up in the order detail field under "Ordered From." This could be your full company name, or if you have several facilities, you may want it to reference the specific facility name for your company, "Chicago Plant", etc. 

Address Information - All fields except for the State are not required, though, for integrated shipping and tax to work correctly, you should complete the address information. 

  • Title - not needed
  • Business Name - Enter the name of the company, facility name, etc. 
  • First Name - not needed
  • Last Name - not needed
  • Address 1 thru 3 - Enter the address for the location
  • City - Enter the city for this location
  • Country - Enter the Country 
  • State/Province - Enter the State or Province
  • Postal Code - Enter the postal code * important information for integrated shipping sites
  • Phone -not needed
  • Fax - not needed
  • Email - not needed

Managing multiple locations - If you are entering multiple print locations, you will be able to filter Orders based on which Location they are assigned to. The location you set as primary will be used for calculating shipping costs when using FedEx, UPS, etc. Shipping costs will use the postal code associated with the primary location as the "ship from" origin.  The primary can be overridden on a site by site basis.  For retail/B2C sites, it is overridden  in Sites > [site name] > Settings > General tab in the Shopping Cart section.  For B2B sites, it can be overridden in Sites > [site name] > Settings > General > Shopping Cart > Location.

Without a Location, any Store you create will have problems in the Shipping area of Checkout. 

Exporting data - The information you see in the column view can be exported to Excel, CSV, PDF or Word by selecting the icon to the right of the page.

Editing a Location - Select the pencil icon next to the Location Code to edit a location. The edit window will display. You can review the Location details and settings. Click Save after making any changes.

Deleting/Undeleting a Location - Click the Delete button at the bottom of the Location edit window to delete a location. To see deleted locations click on the check mark  "Include Deleted" at the top of the Location page. Click the Edit pencil and then click Save to un-delete a Location.

Primary Location - To set this, view the list of locations, and click directly on the star next to the Location you wish to set as Primary. There can only be one Primary location, and changing it will automatically unset the previous Primary location as Primary, and set the new one as Primary instead. It will also be seen first in the list of your Locations. The primary location is the default "ship from location" for your integrated shipping methods. The default ship from location can be overridden for retail/B2C sites in Sites > [site name] > Settings > General tab in the Shopping Cart section. For B2B sites, it can be overridden in Sites > [site name] > Settings > General > Shopping Cart > Location. If you fail to set a valid primary location, you will likely have issues with any integrated shipping methods, such as FedEx or UPS.

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