Why does the column ordering and chosen settings in my Pressero All Orders listing area not save?

When you are logged into your account and looking at the list of orders in the All Orders area -- or on the orders list for sites -- the headers of the columns can be dragged to rearrange them, and certain settings, like Account Location can be changed. Using the Save Settings button (looks like a floppy disk icon) at the upper-right of this window is clicked, then the column ordering and selected settings are saved in the local browser cache.

If the browser cached images and documents are cleared, these settings will be cleared also, and will be reset to default. If you log into your Pressero account from a different computer using a different browser, then then you would also need to reset those settings. But in most cases, the settings you choose in the orders list will be retained.
But in Chrome, and possibly other browsers, there is a setting under Settings > Privacy and Security > "Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome" that will automatically clear your browser cache and site cookies when you quit the Chrome application. This setting, or browser extensions that serve the same purpose, can also cause the column ordering and selections in the All Orders area to be reset.