tFLOW History 2021

FLOW v10.9.5
rev d71b8e98
Release date: 11-10-2021
74188 User Story Change the healthcheck url
73757 User Story AH: New Magento integration
69960 User Story Reimplement healtcheck in tFLOW
74464 User Story Add branding to mobile view
74089 Bug Missing artwork icon in invitation emails
73786 Bug Efi pace plugin error
73761 Bug Clients allowed to enter private comments
73712 Bug Healthcheck fails with error when database server is not accessible
73364 Bug Migrating of some files with the tm:migrateCloudFilesInPlace command ends with an error
73058 Bug Wrong script file name, the extension is applied 2 times
72945 Bug Change the spelling of "Adavanced"
72584 Bug Output queue is not automatically assigned when an order is entered from the personal upload link
71184 Bug Wrong email sender name on validation error notifications
70902 Bug Auto-Archive schema names are wrong
FLOW v10.9.4
rev 0965f871
Release date: 06-30-2021
71779 User Story Add an option to show only the latest revision
71777 User Story Add an option to default as private the comments
71775 User Story tBOT - Add custom XML import
71285 User Story Change Term of Services information page
70755 User Story tBOT: Enable upload to AWS S3
72343 Bug Missing check when the reply to a private comment and the user is not instance user
72342 Bug Non-instance users are getting notified about private comments
72321 Bug Error while exporting a script
72185 Bug QA bug: change wording for new setting
72184 Bug QA Bug: make "private comment" check off by default
71147 Bug tBOT replace string not working
70961 Bug Image preview link broken in email notifications
70655 Bug tBOT not displaying values from Upload to tFLOW action item in queue action plan
70606 Bug Email preset setting not correctly applied
70517 Bug tBot does not download files from FTP
FLOW v10.9.3.1
rev f53cd61b
Release date: 02-04-2021
70579 Bug Issue with deleting files in background
FLOW v10.9.3
rev 394d1847
Release date: 01-27-2021
70373 Bug External users not properly assigned and removed from Orders
70371 Bug Assign users does not include external users
70282 Bug Files actually are not deleting when revision is deleted
70137 Bug APIDOC: Incorrect statement about User ID parameter
70124 Bug Error deploying tFlow image
70122 Bug tBot hang at splash screen when started
70068 Bug Subsequent file uploads result in errors and missing files
70014 Bug Not all events are being logged in the activity log
69992 Bug Thumbnail missing in Order status report notifications
69510 Bug Proof field values not being retained in the field when orders arrive from Corebridge
69485 Bug Order not changing product when user select to not apply change to jobs