tFLOW History 2021

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FLOW v10.9.3.1
rev f53cd61b
Release date: 02-04-2021
70579 Bug Issue with deleting files in background
FLOW v10.9.3
rev 394d1847
Release date: 01-27-2021
70373 Bug External users not properly assigned and removed from Orders
70371 Bug Assign users does not include external users
70282 Bug Files actually are not deleting when revision is deleted
70137 Bug APIDOC: Incorrect statement about User ID parameter
70124 Bug Error deploying tFlow image
70122 Bug tBot hang at splash screen when started
70068 Bug Subsequent file uploads result in errors and missing files
70014 Bug Not all events are being logged in the activity log
69992 Bug Thumbnail missing in Order status report notifications
69510 Bug Proof field values not being retained in the field when orders arrive from Corebridge
69485 Bug Order not changing product when user select to not apply change to jobs