Ch. 006. Email Settings

Pressero will send email notifications related to various storefront activities, such as new orders, etc. These settings apply to the email notifications that are generated from the system for activity in your stores. 
To change these settings, go to Preferences > General Settings and look for the section on Email, seen in the below image.

SMTP Server, SMTP Port, Account Name and Password are optional. If you would like the emails to be generated from your own email server you will enter the necessary information here. It is recommended that you wait until you are done with your setup and have completed testing before making this change. 

If after making your change, the email arrives from an address you did not specify, there is a configuration issue with the information you entered. 

Important: If you leave these areas blank, the emails will be generated from the Aleyant server. Your customer will be unaware of this, but you will not receive any customer replies to messages sent by the storefront. Typically the emails generated are not intended to have a reply but occasionally a customer may use a notification to get additional information to you. The email account name should be set to an inbox that is checked on a regular basis. 

Sender Display Name: Use this area to configure what the recipient of the email will see in the "From" field of the notification. You can override this setting on a site-by-site basis in Site > Settings > Email Notifications if you have some sites that you do not want them to see this name. If nothing is set for the Sender's display name, the emails will use the default “From: Pressero” as the associated email. 

Sender Display Email: As with the sender display name described above, this is what will display in the from email address field of the email your customer receives. You can override this setting on a site-by-site basis as well in Site > Settings > Email Notifications.  If nothing is set in this area, will be displayed as the email address the email is coming from. 

Important: The Sender Display Email will only accept one email address; if you try to add multiple addresses the system will ignore all the addresses and will be displayed as the sender's email address.

SSL Enabled: If your email server requires SSL support, be sure to check this box. 

Note: If you use an Aleyant hosted email account and anticipate a high volume of email notifications, you may need to request that email volume throttle limits be increased.

Below: An example of a "New Order" email using the Sender Display Name and Sender Display Email for "From":


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