Pressero Integration Workflow

In this document we will cover the steps needed to set up a workflow in Pressero so the job status in PrintJobManager updates the job status in Pressero.
The first step it to identify all statuses being utilized in PJM. This will include Production, Billing, Completed and Cancelled which are the macro statuses from PJM  Other statuses that may be included would come from the custom status area. Statuses like New Order, Proof Out, On Hold or In Shipping. For our example we will use a combination of macro statuses and custom statuses. We will use New Order, Proof Out, On Hold, Production, In Shipping, Completed and Cancelled. 
Now we need to access our Pressero admin and go to Preferences. From there we want to choose Workflows, for more information on Pressero workflows read our Knowledge Based article - Ch. 022. Workflows (Custom Status options) - Aleyant Systems
You will set up a workflow specifically for PJM so give it a title like PJM or PrintJobManager. Now you will set up each step of the workflow to mirror the statuses you have chosen from PJM. You will want to put them in the order the job progresses with Completed and Cancelled last. Remember that a workflow in Pressero must include Order Received, Order Completed and Order Cancelled to be valid. See below for valid workflow in Pressero
Now that you have the workflow created  you have to assign it to each product from Pressero that needs to be followed in PJM. You do this by selecting the product from the catalog listing. Then you scroll down until you see Order Management. The first field is titled Order Status Workflow, select the drop down for that field and select the PJM workflow you have created.
Again, you will have to assign this workflow to each product in Pressero for the statuses to update from PJM to Pressero. Once you have updated the workflow each job will now show the statuses from your workflow. When a status is updated in PrintJobManager the status will update in Pressero.
If you have questions or need help, please open a support ticket by selecting this link Aleyant Support