Why are some columns missing when a Site user generates a "Order Items Level Summary Report"?

You can setup a storefront to enabled a Site User to generate their own "Order Items Level Summary Report"; however, you may notice that some columns that are typically found in the report generated via the Admin site are not available.
These columns include the following:
  • Vendor Name
  • Non Markup Price
These data fields are typically only available for admin users when generating the same report from the admin site and are not available for Site Users to access.  This is such as that in most scenarios you would not want to share details about your vendors and markup prices with users who place orders from you via the site.
For more details on how a Site User can generate a report, please see this page on our knowlegebase: https://support.aleyant.com/kb/a684/ch_-070a-report-writer.aspx.