Why does AWI need to reprocess all my orders every hour? Can I change how often it processes over the orders?

AWI works closely with the orders in your Pressero account, and will only download orders that have been approved and paid. This behavior is intentional, and doing so prevents unpaid or unapproved orders from automatically being injected into your workflow. Since orders can potentially be approved some time after the order was placed, AWI needs to look back over the recent orders in your account at a regular interval.
If your site uses a non-integrated payment method, the orders are considered paid by AWI, If your site uses an integrated payment method (Payflow, Authorize.net, et cetera) then the orders will be marked paid when the payment transaction signal is received from the payments provider.
If your site uses no approval workflow, and has no approvers set for the users, then the orders will be coming in as approved automatically. Approvals are functionality that must be specifically enabled on a site. If you have never enabled an approval workflow or approval users on your site, all the orders will be placed with a status of approved.
On the AWI console window that shows when you run the application, the Settings button allows you to access and change the "Number of days to search" that controls how many days of orders AWI is always reviewing going back, to catch any orders that have been paid or approved since the order was placed.
By default, every hour AWI will look back over all recent orders for the number of days it is set to review. This process can be manually started using the Process button on the AWI console window, but the time interval of the automatic process cannot be changed, and AWI will process over the list of recent orders every hour.