Ch. 028. Guest Checkout

Guest Checkout Option

This alternative checkout method applies to Retail (B2C) sites only. It enables a customer to checkout without creating an account and logging in. If activated for the site, the customer will see the option to checkout as a guest on the shopping cart page. If the customer chooses this option, they will be prompted to enter their name and email address. They will also enter shipping and billing information and then place the order.

An email will be generated letting them know a new user has been created on the site, and an email will be generated that their order was received and that an account was created for them in case they want to order again or check on the status of their order. It will give them a username and password to use.

After checkout, the user will be entered into a list of site users; however, they will be flagged as a guest. If the user returns to the site and logs in, the user will no longer be flagged as a guest. Users that have an account (not marked as a guest), will not be permitted to checkout as a guest.

When the guest checkout is completed, a password is sent to the guest user. However, until the guest actually logs in using that password, the user account is still marked as a guest. Once the account is converted to a "real" account by the user logging in with the email address they used and a password, they will no longer be able to checkout as a guest with that email address again. If they try and use this same email again later as a guest they will receive a message that tells them that the email address is already in the system. At that time they can either locate the credentials sent to them or reset the password and continue. At this point they will no longer be considered a guest and both the current order and the past order will be available for them to view in the site. 

To turn on this setting, go to Sites > [select site] > Settings > General tab, scroll down to the "Checkout" section and check the box labeled "Allow Guest Checkout" and save.

Image below shows the area you can find the Allow Guest Checkout option. This choice must be made on a site-by-site basis and only applies to B2C sites/storefronts.