Does Pressero have a confirmation url when an order is placed? Can I dynamically get the order number of the order placed? Can I dynamically get the total of the order?

In Pressero, when an order has been checked out, the browser will direct to a completed page for the order on the site. The completed url is dynamic and contains the order number for the order placed. The url address of this page follows a format of [site address]/complete/[order number].
An example of the complete url would be:
The values that are shown on that page in the screenshot above for order number, order total and number of items in that order are getting substituted dynamically in the page. They are entered in the Instructions > Checkout Successful Page Instructions area for the site settings. These tags can be used in this area, either directly entered onto the checkout successful instructions, or in code that would be inserted in this page through the </> button that you can see in the header controls directly under Checkout Successful Page Instructions in the screenshot below.
The dynamic tags that can be used here are listed below:
OrderNumber: ###ORDERNUMBER###
OrderTotal: ###ORDERTOTAL###
ItemCount: ###ITEMCOUNT###