Can we assign Vendor to the Order via Pressero API ?

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Question: Is there a way to assign Vendor to the Order using Pressero API ?
Answer: Unfortunately you cannot assign the vendor to the order using the Pressero API.There is no relevant or direct API call available that would do the vendor assignment to the orders.
Vendor assignment to the orders could be possible only via admin not via API.
If you has access to Pressero API than you can do following actions and manage your vendor:
  • create a new vendor
  • delete a vendor
  • get the first 10 vendors
  • get vendor by ID
  • search for subscriber vendor
  • update vendor
However you have the ability to assign the vendor to the product using API with the help of the vendor ID that you can get from Admin>Vendor>Edit Vendor>Copy the ID from the top URL .
During the creation of the New Product via Pressero API you would need to paste the Vendor ID in the appropriate field within the Request data as mentioned below: