Can I use Paypal Express Checkout with the Payflow Pro Hosted payment method in my Pressero account?

Paypal Express Checkout is not currently compatible with our Payflow Pro Hosted payment method. If you are using Payflow Pro Hosted as a payment method in your Pressero account, you will need to disable Express Checkout in Paypal Manager.
If the Express Checkout option is enabled, it will be shown at the top of the hosted payment window that is shown when a client checks out on an order from their Pressero account. The credit card fields under "Pay with credit or debit card" should be used to pay for an order, but the area at the top under "Pay with Paypal" cannot be used to pay for an order.
Having Paypal Express Checkout enabled in your Paypal Manager account settings can cause payments on the orders in Pressero to not be received, and the user who is attempting to checkout will not be redirected back to the order summary page for their order. The order the user is trying to checkout will be received in the Pressero account, but with a status of Order Cancelled.