Basic setup steps needed for a new PrintJobManager account

In order to start testing putting jobs into the account, there are a series of areas that need at least one record setup. Going over all these areas takes some time, and some areas are very detailed. Since some of these areas will ultimately have potentially a large number of items to be setup for any business, reviewing the upload worksheets so that they can be filled out and used to setup your accounts is part of the initial meeting to review your new account. Going through and getting at least one record setup in these various menu command areas below, in the order that they are listed, then is a quick setup approach to a new PrintJobManager account.
1. Contacts > Organization - There needs to be at least one organization setup in your account. The primary business.
2. Contacts > People - Once organizations are setup, users can be setup or imported.
3. Settings > Facilities - You can setup one facility just to get things going.
4. Settings > Departments - What physical departments are at your primary business.
5. Materials > Material Categories - The categories of materials you have at your primary business.
6. Materials > Inventory Bins - The physical locations of the materials at your primary business.
7. Materials > Materials - At least one material that is used in your most common workflow.
8. Settings > Product Engine Types - Setup at least one product engine type, like business cards.
9. Settings > Product Engines - Setup at least one product engine to start, like business cards.
10. Settings > Shipping Methods - Setup one non-integrated shipping method to start.
11. Settings > Payment Methods - Setup one Misc payment method to start.
12. Settings > Integration Services - If you will be using your PrintJobManager account with Pressero, tFlow, Zapier or Quickbooks, those need to be configured here.
13. Settings > External Storage Settings - In order to be able to include files with jobs in PrintJobManager, the settings for your Amazon S3 account need to be configured.