Ch. 004b. Site Order History

In this chapter:

This chapter describes the information and options available to you, as a site Admin, in your site’s Order History page. The screen below shows an example of an Order History page.

Important Note: For B2C sites, users can view only their own order history. For B2B sites, depending on permission settings (set in Ch. 045 Adding/Editing Site Users), it is possible for site users to see more than just their own history (all site order history).

What can you do on the Order History page?

  • Search for an order by keyword
  • Search/sort orders by date
  • Search/sort orders by Order Status (Open orders, Cancelled Orders, or All Orders)
  • Expand the page horizontally to increase the page view
  • Expand all items in the view to display Order details
  • For each order:
    • View whether or not the order has been paid
    • View the Order Number
    • View the Order Date
    • View who placed the order
    • View the SubTotal
    • View the Tax
    • View the Shipping charges
    • View the Promo Discount (by scrolling the page to the right)
    • View the Total cost (by scrolling the page to the right)
    • View the P.O. Number of the order (if applicable)
    • View item details
      • View a thumbnail of the item (check the artwork associated with the order)
      • View the Product (name)
      • View the Item Name
      • View the Total number of Items in the order
      • View the Price
      • View the Order Status
      • View the Approval Status (locate items eligible for Approval)
  • Export view to an Excel file
  • Export view as a PDF file
  • Click on an order to view order details
  • Reorder an item
  • Return to pay for order(s) that were originally declined (to avoid having to place a new order from scratch)

Symbols and Buttons on the Order History Page

The following symbols and buttons are found on the Order History page. 

Symbol / Buttons
Expand view horizontally
Search for order(s)
Calendar – used to select the Start Date and End Date to filter orders
Expand All
Click to Expand All orders in the list to view order details
Export view to Excel
Export view to PDF
Expand the order (line item) to view a thumbnail of the product, the Product Name, Item Name, Total Items, Price, Status and Approval Status
Click to close the expanded view of the order
Click the “View” button to open and view the order
Click the Reorder button to reorder the selected item (takes user to a Shopping Cart page which for a review of the details before proceeding to checkout)

Locating Orders

Order History gives you several ways to locate an order(s) or sort orders. Use the Search field at the top of the page to search by the name of a product or the customer name.


Use the following options can help sort the data into a desired list:

Start Date - Enter the Start Date for the list of orders you want to sort.

End Date - Enter the End Date for the list of orders you want to sort.

Order Status 

All - Select All to sort among All orders.   

Open - Select Open to sort by Open orders.

Cancelled - Select Cancelled to sort by Cancelled orders.

Apply Filters - Click Apply Filters to apply the above filters.

Once you have retrieved your list, you have several additional options to change the order of the items listed. Click the column headers as shown in the example below to further sort your list.


Expand Order (Line Item) to View More Details

The two screens below show how to expand an item to view more details. Click the arrow button to toggle the item open and closed.

View, Reorder and Pay Now

Click the View button next to the item to open the order. See the example of an Order page below. You can Reorder the selected order by clicking the Reorder button on the list view; in addition, there is a Reorder button on upper right corner of the details page (also shown below).

The "Pay Now" button in the screen below is an example of an order that arrived cancelled (such as when a credit card fails). Clicking "Pay Now" allows a customer to attempt the payment again with a different credit card. 


Pending Orders

Find the link to Pending orders on the order history page here:

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