What does it mean if AWI is showing an I/O Disk Error?

If AWI is showing a Disk I/O Error such as shown below, and AWI has been working as expected for you up until the time the error began to show, it can potentially have different meanings.
It can mean that network drive locations that are used in your Download Rules are not available. It can also mean that your local user folders are no longer available on your workstation.
Check that all the network drives that you normally have available can be reached, and also make sure that your Windows configuration does not store your user account data on a network location.
If you are not able to resolve this error, you can open a support ticket at support.aleyant.com and we will confirm what we can about your setup and installation. Please include your AWI database file with your support request.

AWI Database File

The location of your AWI database file depends on your operating system installation, but the folder will be in wherever the user's personal files and documents are located. An example of the common paths to the database file are below.
Note that the location where the database.db file is stored may have other files present; database.db-shm and database.db-wal. These are temporary files used for by the database when AWI is in operation and do not need to be included. Support only needs to see the database.db file in order to review your AWI setup.