Ch. 002. Getting Around the Admin Area

Administration Login

To Manage your Pressero subscription, you will need to Login to the Admin area with the username and password that you were assigned. The URL that you will login at will depend on the Country you are in, and the server that your account has been set up on. Please refer to the instructions you were given for this information. 


The Layout of the Administrative Area

The administrative area is structured so that the main area of navigation is on the left side, and the content you are managing is on the right. There are a few items along the top that we will cover first: 

  • Hide or Show side menu - Click on the menu icon beside the words "Pressero Admin" in order to hide or unhide the side menu. This might be helpful if you are working in a section where you desire more screen space temporarily.

  • My Profile - this can be found in the dropdown you will see below your name. This is the name of the person who logged into the account. This is where you can manage some basic information about your own user account. We suggest changing the password in the My Profile area if you are logging in for the first time. You can read more about the My Profile section in that chapter of the documentation. 
  • Support - Beside your name you will see a link for Support. Click on this link to find the support department phone number and to easily link over to the support portal while working in the system. 
  • News - When you first log in to the admin area you may see a list of news items pertaining to Pressero and eDocBuilder subscribers. Once you view new items the news will no longer display immediately so you can click on this link to review all past news articles.
  • Logout - Click here to logout and end your session when you are done working in the admin area. 
 Symbol Description

Click the "user" icon next to the subscriber name to access My Profile and Logout.

  • My Profile - Click My Profile to access profile information for the person who logged into the account. This is where you can manage basic information about your own user account. We suggest changing the password in the My Profile area if you are logging in for the first time. Learn more in Ch. 03 My Profile

  • Logout - Click Logout to end your session when you are done working in the Admin area. 
System Notifications - Click to open the System Notifications Panel. Learn more in Ch. 072 System Notifications.  
News - When you first login to the Admin area you may see a list of news items for Pressero and eDocBuilder subscribers. Once you view new items the news will no longer display immediately; click this link to review all past news articles.  
Support - Click this link to find the support department phone number and to easily link over to the support portal while working in the system. 

If we focus on the navigation structure on the left-hand side, we will see several key areas that you will use to manage your account. Starting from the top:


In this area you will see either a list of recent news or a list of all the orders you have for your various sites.  


This is a list of different administrative pages that are specific to your printing company. Most of the items setup in this area will be used in the various sites you will create. Because of that, it is best to start here so that information you will need later will be available to you.  

You will get more details about the General Settings in the related chapter Ch. 005. General Settings


This area will list all the sites you have set up, whether they're a B2B/customer storefront (represented by the person icon), a B2C/retail site (represented by the shopping cart icon), or an Informational website (represented with the "i" icon). Under the site name, Visit Site will open the site into a new browser window or tab for testing. 


In this area you will find some helpful tools to help manage jobs such as, a barcode scanning feature, the file manager (where you will access the files uploaded into your system), a proofing tool, and a flexible report writer.

Deleted Sites

When you delete a site in Pressero it is moved to this folder. To ensure database integrity we do not remove the files from the system. Because of this you don't need to worry if you deleted a site you need to use again, or if you need to refer to something on one of these sites in the future. 

Some Features and Limitations are Package-Specific

1) Some features not supported by your package are accessible in the Admin area, but should not be used. To add one or more of these capabilities to the your package, or to discuss upgrading to a higher package, contact Aleyant Support. These items are: 

  • Advanced Approval Plans
  • Custom Workflow's
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Spreadsheet method of pricing calculators - Available to Enterprise customers only

Below is a screenshot of the warning message you will see at the top of the page when you are in an area that is limited by the type of package you have. If you have a plan other than Standard or EM, you should just disregard the warning. If you are unsure what package you have please contact your sales rep, or the support department. 

2) Also, depending on your package, the ability to create more than one Retail store may be limited. If you are unsure how many stores your plan supports, please contact your sales rep, or the support department.

Queries of customer usage are done on a regular basis so please contact support if you are unsure of your package limits.

Lists Within an Area

In many areas of admin, you will see information displayed as lists. One example of this is Workflows (see image below). You can see the different workflows created and they are displayed in a list format.

Editing Options

We have a couple of different ways to see detail in a list, and to edit the information displayed.

Pencil Icon

Click on the pencil icon to open up the content in the list so that you can edit it. (see below).

Sometimes there is further detail of information for that one specific item. Notice that our workflow has some basic information that pertains to the workflow itself (a name and instructions). But within that workflow we have various stages that make up the workflow.

Notice that in that detail list I have another pencil icon that if selected, will let me edit the basic information for each of those items that make up my workflow. See below.

Creating New Content

In most cases you will have the option to add new content to an area. You will find at the top of a page a create button along with a label of what you are able to create. Clicking on it will open up a form area for you to complete necessary steps to create a new record. 

Helpful information and Tool Tips

Throughout the pages of admin you will also notice when needed, additional information will be shown near the top of the page in a blue box. Typically this information is noted to help you avoid unnecessary frustration when instructions may not be self explanatory. Until you get comfortable with the setup of the various areas of Pressero, it is highly suggested that you pay close attention to these notes when they are listed. 

You will also see a small ? mark displayed at the top, left side of a form field in almost all of the areas of admin. If you click that area you will see a tool tip to help you understand what information needs to be entered into that field. 

The image below shows added information for both the forms area itself, information for the specific form setup, and a tool tip for the Name field within the form setup. 

Tabs let you make many changes and save once

Many areas (such as General Settings) are represented by multiple tabs of information. In the image below you can see that the Preferences > General Settings area has three tabs (General, Email, and Logo). You may click through each tab and enter any required or optional information without clicking on the save button until you are done. Clicking Save on any tab before leaving the control area will save all the changes made in that section. Be careful not to click on any other page in the left navigation pane without saving. 

Entering Text into a Rich Text Editor

Within the system you will find multiple areas where you can type and style text as well as add images and links into a rich text editor. These areas are similar to using a word processing system such as Microsoft Word.

  • These areas automatically "translate" what you add in the "Design" view into HTML. Clicking the HTML option will show you the resulting code in case you prefer working in that way instead.
  • Pasting from Microsoft Word. If you are pasting text from Microsoft Word, use the eraser icon. This will strip excess code from the Word paste, as MS Word has a known habit of adding a large amount of extra code to the HTML. Not only does this excess code make the resulting html hard to read, it bloats the page size (this can negatively affect the time it takes the page to load for your customer), and it can potentially cause problems with the way the page displays. If you wish to copy text from a Word document, you can also paste it into a plain text editor (such as Notepad), then copy it from there to paste into the Pressero WYSIWYG editing area.

An example of this is adding a description to a product. If you go to the [selectd site] > Catalog > Products > [select product] > Description tab, you will see the option to add information into the rich text editor. See image below.


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