Can I download the eDocBuilder training video?

"I am having a bandwidth issue and the videos stutter. Can I download the eDocBuilder video to my desktop?"

Yes, you can download some of the training videos to your desktop and play them locally through your web browser (see note below). 

  1. Go to the page with the video, change the url from ".html" to ".swf"

  2. Using your web browser's File menu, select Save Page As > Web Page, Complete.

  3. Run the downloaded .swf file from your desktop using your web browser's File > Open File.

Note: If you do not have Flash downloaded to your computer you will need to do that in order to view older videos. Videos indicated with a note of being updated March 2014 and after will be visible from YouTube only. While the content in the videos still has value, be aware that the videos depict earlier versions of the software.