Why are line breaks in eDocBuilder not working correctly?

When using the font tag and line break tag together - if there are no "characters" between the font tags, any attributes applied to that font tag will not have any effect. Font tag attributes only get applied to characters, and not to other "tags" within the font tags.
For example, the code <font fontsize="1pt"><br></font> just adds a line-break without honoring the fontsize attribute.
For it to work properly, it should contain atleast one character of text (even a space) after the <br> tags, like this: <font fontsize="1pt"><br> </font>  OR  <font fontsize="1pt"><br>&nbsp;</font>
This will create a line break first, then applye the fontsize attribute to the space character.
Also note that eDocBuilder replaces plain line endings with the <br> tag automatically to produce line breaks when rendering (using HTML scripting).
For example, look at how the following code is viewed by eDocBuilder's rendering engine:
This code:
<font fontsize="10pt">@Fullname@</font><br>
<font fontsize="8pt">@Title@</font><br>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressA@</font><br>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressB@</font><br>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressC@</font><br>
<font font size= 8pt>@City@, @STorProvince@  @PostalCode@</font>
is actually rendered like this:
<font fontsize="10pt">@Fullname@</font><br><br>
<font fontsize="8pt">@Title@</font><br><br>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressA@</font><br><br>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressB@</font><br><br>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressC@</font><br><br>
<font font size= 8pt>@City@, @STorProvince@  @PostalCode@</font>
You can see that this setup will cause additional, possibly unintentional line breaks. If you're getting additional line breaks you do not want, then either use the break tag alone or use plain line breaks alone.
Using the break tag alone would make your script look like this:
<font fontsize="10pt">@Fullname@</font><br><font fontsize="8pt">@Title@</font><br><font font size= 8pt>@AddressA@</font><br><font font size= 8pt>@AddressB@</font><br><font font size= 8pt>@AddressC@</font><br><font font size= 8pt>@City@, @STorProvince@  @PostalCode@</font>
And using plain line breaks looks like this (notice no break tags):
<font fontsize="10pt">@Fullname@</font>
<font fontsize="8pt">@Title@</font>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressA@</font>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressB@</font>
<font font size= 8pt>@AddressC@</font>
<font font size= 8pt>@City@, @STorProvince@  @PostalCode@</font>
Also, the use of "\n" is also replaced by the "<br>" tag when rendered.
So @Fullname@\n@Title@  becomes  @Fullname@<br>@Title@ 
In eDocBuilder's rendering engine, they are equivalent.