Where is the Proof email notification log?

"My customer says they did not receive the proof email, how can I verify whether they did?"

You can send customers or prospects a proof using the Proofing system located in the Pressero Admin's Tools > Proofs area. The Pressero system keeps a log of the emails that are sent, and whether the recipients email system accepted the email. Of course, we can only know if the email was successfully delivered, not what the customer's email system did with it (placed into spam folder, deleted it, etc.).

  1. In Preferences > General Settings > General tab > look for "Site for FTP and Proof".
  2. Go to that site's email log in Sites > Email Notification History.
  3. Look for the appropriate email ("Send Proof" under the Type column), or use the Filter area at the top of the page.
  4. After locating the email, click the Edit pencil to open the email. Under "Recipients" you should see something like: (Sent on 1/30/2013 -- Server Response: OK). This means the email was sent on 1/30/2013 and their email server accepted the email.