Spot Colors in Edoc

When specifying spot colors in Edoc, the cmyk value is there for viewing the color on the screen only. The spot color is just a label.  It can be/say anything and the information tagged with that will appear as a separate "plate/page" in the PDF that your staff can reference.  The finished file in acrobat will show 4 pages/or separations typically c-m-y-k.  If you also add information tagged as a spot color, you will have 5 separations c-m-y-k-spot color.  It is important to know that we do not have the pantone color system, so you are not entering in a specific pantone color.  You are labeling text in the pdf that will be referenced by the prepress department as being a spot color.  You can then assign that plate to the spot color you need.  If you don't enter in a cmyk value ahead of the field, it will show as black on the template.

Instructions for enter a spot color in eDoc Field Scripting:
With a spot color, use the “spot” attribute, a color name, and a cmyk attribute (taking four decimal values separated by commas, or eight hex digits). For example <font spot=“gold:0,16,100,7”> creates a spot color called “gold” using a CMYK appearance of 0% cyan, 16% magenta, 100% yellow, and 7% black. The spot color may not have spaces in its name in the field scripting. The CMYK values can also be specified using eight hex digits, in the format <font spot=gold:#00106407>. You can further define the shade of ink for a spot color by adding a slash and then 2 hex digits, for example: <font spot=“gold:0,16,100,7/4B”>, which would yield a 75% gold color. If a hex digit contains a letter, that letter must be capitalized in the field scripting.

After you have named the spot color once using the syntax above, the CMYK appearance can be omitted from further uses, for example: <font spot=“gold”>. You can specify and use more than one spot color in the same field scripting area. If the same spot name is accidentally used with more than one CMYK appearance, the first appearance will be used, and if the name of a spot color defined in your field scripting matches the spot color name entered in the Format tab, they will refer to the same spot color.

Please note: Spot colors can only be specified within <font> tags and will not work within <span> tags.