Why is the value in Pressero's Name Your Job field not saved on products that use eDocBuilder templates?

If you have a very specific setup in your eDocBuilder template, it can stop the value that the Site User enters in the optional "Name Your Job" field when ordering a Pressero product.
It has to do with naming your eDocBuilder fields. Certain "names" can actually cause a conflict with the code that runs behind both products because the code uses specific names in order to identify certain elements in each piece of software. So there are a few "reserved" field names that you should avoid.
For this particular case, naming an eDocBuilder field "ID" can cause issues. Pressero uses "ID" as an attribute for naming Orders/Jobs. So eDocBuilder is sending over a value that Pressero also uses.
"ID" is one of those things used heavily in HTML, CSS, and Javascript for various uses when rendering sites on your browser. Each language has an extensive list of names to avoid (too long to add here, but for examples, see this link: https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_reserved.asp). The names however are rarely used in eDocBuilder's functionality so most of the time, this isn't an issue.
Should you run into the above mentioned issue, just be sure you don't have any fieldnames in your template named "ID". If so, update your template to change this name and the issue should be resolved on the next customization that happens on the Pressero site.