How do I set an admin user to see orders on only specific sites and nothing else?

This is how you limit a group with access to orders on only one site:
  1. Create the group. leave ALL permissions as Not Set on the first screen.
  2. Drill down to the desired site. 
  3. Go to the User management area.
  4. Click “Admin Groups” 
  5. Now set the permission View and Edit orders to Allowed, for this site only...leave all other permissions unset.
  6. Add members to the group.
  7. When that user logs in, he is redirected to the site-specific orders page.
  8. Only the available site shows in the navigation tree.
  9. Attempting to go to the global orders page redirects back to the site one.
  10. Attempts to go to other functions redirect to the unavailable page.