Why is FedEx International Ground Shipping Services not an available method option?

FedEx does have the option of International Ground Shipping services; however, we have found that internally, the FedEx API uses the FedEx Ground Shipping Service Code for fetching the prices. When we tested this method using FedEx API, we found that FedEx services changes names of services based on the Ship to Location, however, it uses FedEx Ground Services to Fetch the rates.
We can safely say that FedEx International Ground Shipping Services are same as FedEx Ground Services and you can use this option for delivering your product internationally and you will get appropriate shipping charges based on where you are shipping your products to.
* Note: Pressero does not create shipping labels via our integrated shipping methods and is not a shipping service. The function of the integration is to capture the correct shipping price so that the site user's cart has the correct total.