Why are the orders on my site getting auto approved?

There are few reasons why your orders are getting auto approved.
One of the main reasons is the approval plan itself. Sometimes the rules are not set correctly. Check if you have created the approval plan correctly with correct rules.
Another reason is the approval plan configuration is not correct on the site. You can set an approval plan on:
  • Site Level: Admin > Site > Settings > Approval Section > Default Approval plan
  • Site User Level: Admin > Site > User Management > Site User > Edit > Additional Information > Default Approval Plan.
Please check if you have set the approval plan correctly either on site and/or site user level.
Another reason we have found may be due to firewall issues, where a customer’s firewall was automatically approving the email by sending the approval request twice. For this we have added “Turn On 2 Layer Confirmation” settings, if your organization has firewall security, then please check if you have selected the “Turn On 2 Layer Confirmation”
The above points are some of the main reason that can be responsible for the orders getting approved automatically even when the approval plan is place. If you have checked all the points mentioned above and you are still seeing the problem, then please contact our Support Team to investigate the issue further. You can contact our Support team by submitting a ticket through our support portal or through Chat option in your Pressero Admin.
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