Why I am not able to change my Password in Admin user area?

Question: Why I am not able to change my password in the Admin user area?
Answer: The most likely reason why you cannot change your password in the "Admin User" area is that your Pressero account has been provisioned with your profile.
In the following screenshot, you will see that the "Created date" field is empty.
In the following screenshot, you will be able to compare your profile with other administrative profiles that have been created later.
Unlike other users - created later - you can only change the password of this user in the Profile area, please see the following screenshots:
After clicking on the "My Profile" option, you will be redirected to your profile.
Now you have access to your own profile. The next step is to click on the "Update Password" button.
Now you can set a new password for your profile.
After entering the new password, please note you have to click on the "Update" button and finally click on the "Save" button to commit those changes.